Location İsmet Gökşen Caddesi Hitit İş Merkezi No:41
D:8 07160 Şirinyalı /Muratpaşa Antalya TURKİYE

Our Vision & Mission

Zafer DAĞTEKİN / General Director February 2013

Safety and Quality Policy

We are committed to developing, implementing, and improving strategies, processes and management systems to ensure that all our aviation activities uphold the highest level of safety performance and meet international standards. We supply necessary sources to ensure our quality, safety and security objectives are achieved. Our principles to reach this aim are as follows: Safety is the first priority in all our activities and safety standards are not reduced by commercial imperatives,To comply with requirements of Turkish DGCA and other relevant national and international Authorities, To develop awareness of requirement for compliance with all established procedures, quality, security and safety standards through personnel at all levels within the organization,To ensure continually improvement of our safety performance,To ensure application of human factors principles through all processes,To believe in organizations culture and encourage personnel to report errors/incidents freely,To recognize the need for all personnel to cooperate with the Quality Auditors,To share our knowledge,To be aware of new developments and technologies,

Our Vision

Be most efficient and profitable Aircraft Maintenance / Painting Center globally without compromising the rules and requirements of Airworthiness and Safety.

Our Mission

While realizing vision of the organization we undertake the task by adopting the following missions:

  • To contribute to the region's economy by creating the basis of Aircraft Maintenance Industry in Isparta province. To address the lack of skilled labor aircraft maintenance industry of our country by training the staff.
  • For the sake of healthy corporate growth; to improve the aircraft maintenance capabilities of the Turkey at international environment with identification of the demands in aircraft maintenance services at the international level that does not exist in Turkey and to invest in that direction of demands.
  • To serve our customers, not only in Isparta region but to provide services they need services regardless of location within the organizations approved capabilities.