Location İsmet Gökşen Caddesi Hitit İş Merkezi No:41
D:8 07160 Şirinyalı /Muratpaşa Antalya TURKİYE

Aircraft Painting

ASAL creates good looking aircrafts for your fleet

Every aircraft painted by ASAL has given warranty up to 24 months period for solidity and gloss. With an excellent painting facility, and with professional painting staff, ASAL cares you aircrafts, and makes your brand fly higher. We have painted 50+ aircrafts in our facility located in Isparta International Airport (ISE), and we are assertive on painting high quality with low price. ASAL painters are well-trained, having a wealth of experience in over ten years of service. Most ASAL staff have completed the following courses:

  • Aircraft general introduction
  • Basic industry painting
  • Measuring and norms
  • Interpretation and projection of drawings
  • Aircraft painting basic and advanced
  • Safety and regulations
  • Paint products and systems
  • Corrosion causes and treatment
  • Sealing of aircraft joints
  • Surface treatment for composite parts.

The ASAL senior staff and supervisors have additional qualifications to guarantee that your aircraft obtains all the desired care and attention. ASAL is the foremost partner in the protection and maintenance of your valuable assets. ASAL has the in-house capability to support the customer on several aspects concerning (re)designing of liveries;

  • Conversions of design: The transfer of the current livery for an other type of aircraft
  • Assessment of new designs on practical aspects: Like maintainability
  • Design of a complete new livery